The present company, House of Cabinetry, Inc. was founded by Mr. Larry Williams in July 1973. After graduating from the University of Alabama where he received a Masters Degree in Business Administration, Mr. Williams directed the Company as its President and Chief Operating Officer until 1989. Mitch Darley, General Manager, is now administering daily operations.

     Dothan, Alabama was chosen as the primary location for the company. The Dothan location offers many advantages since the city is rapidly becoming a regional marketing center in the southeast corner of Alabama. Climate, labor, land, raw materials and the ability to serve the tri-state market made the city a prime location for new business and industries.

     Initial company operations were oriented to quality custom residential cabinetry, serving a construction market within a 400-mile radius of Dothan. This type of work dominated the productivity of the company until 1977. At the time, the company entered into commercial and industrial millwork, casework, and cabinetry. By having the flexibility to meet the varied requirements of the architectural and construction community, the company soon became a primary custom supplier in the southeast.

     Since then, the company has profitably penetrated the market by providing quality casework, cabinetry, millwork and architectural woodwork for large commercial and residential projects, hospital facilities, schools, and churches throughout the states of Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi.

     In 1985, the company began a new facility expansion program that doubled the former production size and enlarged its warehouse capabilities. Plant production operational capacity was increased at that time and additional machinery, critical to the company’s operational efficiency, was installed. This trend has continued through 2009 as machinery has consistently been added and updated, insuring the ability to remain competitive with the advent of new technologies.

     The company has demonstrated continued, orderly and profitable growth since its inception. At present, it achieves a sophisticated degree of technology in its manufacturing process, employs highly trained and skilled craftsmen, and obtains a high quality and reliability factor in its presentation. It has a consulting capability to its market with a high regard to professionalism and business ethics, in its dealings with its customers and a strong belief that sound, prudent management will serve to guide the company into future growth and increase of opportunity.